SINCE 1792…

In the civil engineering preparatory work, a limestone font was found, buried next to the old granite lagar, with an inscription dating from 1792, currently exposed at the entrance courtyard. Subsequent research, with the valuable contribution of the Municipality of Anadia, allowed to uncover parcels of history of Quinta dos Abibes, then Quinta da Murteira, unknown to the current owner when acquiring the property.

“Meia-noite no relógio de Aguim. Toda a povoação dorme (…) Desde a vindima passada, há-de fazer esta um ano, que me anda perseguindo. Diz que ficou morrendo por mim desde uma tarde que eu cheguei, e outra companheira, com os nossos cestos de uvas à cabeça, ao lagar da Murteira, onde ele andava pisando e cantando ao desafio…”
In “Mil e um Mistérios, Romance dos Romances”, António Feliciano de Castilho, 1845.

Located in Aguim, there are, therefore, coeval references to the wine production in the Quinta since the 18th century. The foothills on the hillside northwest of the Buçaco mountain range, from where the Cruz Alta can be seen, shelters wine stories and projects wines with history. And that is where, since 2003, ten hectares of land that had been abandoned for a long time have resumed, from the deep drainage and soil correction to the vineyards planting vineyard, the path that is currently expressed in the wines “QUINTA DOS ABIBES”.


A parallel between the first day the current owner visited Quinta dos Abibes in the state of then and today...