Conclave 3: the expression of timelessness

In 2016, after eight long years awaiting the necessary authorizations, the restoration of the pre-existing building in Quinta dos Abibes and the construction of the winery was concluded. A year of terrible challenges, also highlighted by the forest fires that surronded the property and invaded the grove adjoining the installations.

The expression of those memories was accomplished in the creation of a wine – unique edition – obtained from three lots of Cabernet Sauvignon. Hence its designation: a Conclave of three to elect a unique. The timelessness associated with the occasional painful paths of designing, clearing, creating and building is expressed in the absence of an apposition of the harvest year.

Aged in French oak barrels and posteriorly a year in bottles (exclusively “magnum”), it constitutes in the imaginary of Quinta dos Abibes the point from which it emancipated, starting to produce and bottle all its wines in the property. There are 1,800 numbered bottles, expressing on the labeling the first sketch of the reconstruction project of the house of the Quinta, fully respecting the moth and the architecture of the original building.

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